Contributing Code


We’re commited to testing our code. Tests are run on Travis CI. We encourage to test whatever possible. However, it might not always be easy to test code which is based on random sampling. We still encourage to provide general sanity and intergation tests. We highly encourage a test-driven development (TDD) style.

Python (PEP8)

We try to respect the PEP8 standard. We run flake8 as part of the test suite. The tests won’t pass if flake8 complains.

Writing tests

Test can be written with pytest or the unittest module.

Versioning scheme

For version numbers, we use A.B.C, where

  • C is increased for bug fixes
  • B is increased for new features
  • A for API breaking, backwards incompatible changes.

That is, we follow the versioning scheme suggested by the Python packaging guide.

Uploading to the Python package index PyPI

First, a so called “wheel” is created via

python bdist_wheel

A wheel is essentially a zip archive which contains the source code and the binaries (if any). This archive is uploaded using twine

twine upload dist/pyabc-x.y.z-py3-non-any.wheel

replacing x.y.z by the appropriate version number.

For a more in depth discussion see also the section on distributing packages of the Python packaging guide