Global settings

This module contains global settings for the pyabc package.

pyabc.settings.set_figure_params(theme: str = 'pyabc', style: str = None, color_map: str = 'plasma', color_cycle: List[str] = None) None[source]

Set global figure parameters for a consistent, beautified design.

  • theme – Overall theme. Possible: ‘pyabc’, ‘default’ (the matplotlib defaults, ignoring all other inputs).

  • style – Matplotlib overall style set. Possible values e.g. ‘dark_background’, ‘ggplot’, ‘seaborn’. Note that the other parameters are applied on top, so should be None if that is not desirable. See e.g.: # noqa

  • color_map – Colormap (‘image.cmap’).

  • color_cycle – Color cycle (‘axes.prop_cycle’).

  • **Note (** This modifies global matplotlib parameters.) –