Visualization and analysis


pyABC offers a variety of routines to visualize and analyze results. Usage examples are given in the Examples section. An overview of all plotting routines can be found in the Visualization API documentation. Further, functions to correctly extract statistics, in particular on importance samples obtained via ABCSMC, can be found in the Weighted statistics API documentation.

Web-based visualizations

Further, pyABC comes with a web server, which displays lots of useful information on the currently running and already completed ABC tasks. You can launch it from the command line with

abc-server <databasename>

It opens per default a web server on port 5000.

You should see something similar to the following:


Via “Go to ABC Run List”, you can see all running and finished ABC runs, which you can then inspect in more detail.

You can get overviews over the models:


Information about individual model parameters for each model and time point is also displayed:


Type in the command line

abc-server --help

To get more information on available options, such as selecting another port:

abc-server --port=8888 <databasename>